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Manhattan English: Smart Business Talk for Professionals

Modern business professionals who are not native English speakers must have a command of the English language that goes beyond standard conventions. Fluency in colloquial expressions and business slang is essential for effective communication and fitting into corporate culture. Do you know what a "magic bullet" is? This is an easy solution to a complicated problem. Do you know what it means to "nip something in the bud"? This is the act of addressing an issue before it becomes a much greater challenge. What if a colleague asks you to "put something on the back burner"? He or she is telling you to prioritize other tasks. If you struggle with this sort of communication, Manhattan English is here to help. A spinoff of Manhattan Review, an international test prep firm, Manhattan English provides a special type of language coaching for international business professionals. Through our instruction, you will develop comprehensive knowledge of the everyday expressions used to communicate in business, which will help you become a more integrated team member, a more substantive contributor, and a more effective leader.

Manhattan English's instruction in colloquial English can help your career in a number of ways. Misunderstandings can waste a great deal of time and cause a significant amount of unnecessary labor. If you don't know what a client, colleague, or supervisor is talking about, you can't easily accomplish the task at hand. People are usually aware of the complex factors involved in communication only when they break down, and unpleasant confusion is often the result of ineffective communication. It is in your best interest to leave a positive impression with everyone you encounter, and mastery of common business expressions promotes ease of personal interaction.

With Manhattan English's language coaching, you'll also benefit from greater productivity, because you'll fully understand what was meant by all of the expressions used in meetings with other team members, presentations with clients, or evaluations with supervisors. If a client says that you've "hit the nail on the head" with your ideas, this is good. If your boss tells you that your proposed solution to a problem is a "red herring," this is not good. Companies will assume your familiarity with these sorts of sayings, and knowing them will help you more easily live up to their expectations.
Finally, understanding business slang will improve all of your other English-language abilities. Like all languages, English words and expressions have many shades of meaning, and it is often vital in business situations to choose the word or phrase with the precise connotation you intend. "Hold your fire," for example, implies a greater degree of restraint than "hold your tongue," and this is analogous to the difference between aggression and assertiveness. Understanding these complexities will also give you a greater appreciation of spoken and written communication.

In addition to common cultural expressions, the language coaching provided by Manhattan English covers a number of other areas. We'll teach you how to reduce your accent by reviewing how English sounds are produced. You'll learn the rhythm of the language and address common problems of pronunciation. We'll also help you improve your presentational skills and cross-cultural communication. With Manhattan English, you'll become a more polished, refined, and respected business professional who communicates easily with everyone.

Manhattan English Services

Manhattan English provides several learning options and ancillary services for businessmen and businesswomen who wish to boost their career prospects through better communication and presentation skills. Clients who are most comfortable in group learning contexts should choose the Manhattan English Workshop for Business Professionals, which features classroom instruction provided by experienced teachers. Those in need of more focused learning should consider Manhattan English's individual language coaching, which allows business professionals to work exclusively on their own communication issues. Manhattan English has also published an instructional volume entitled Smart Business Talk, which is now in its third edition.

About Manhattan English

Manhattan English is the only English language instruction firm of its kind. We provide tutoring for businessmen and businesswomen who wish to improve their careers by developing stronger communication skills. Manhattan English's teaching focuses on colloquial expressions, understanding the differing connotations of similar words or phrases, and reducing accents for more precise speech. Founded by Dr. Joern Meissner, a career educator and businessman, Manhattan English employs a team of dedicated and experienced instructors who intimately understand the challenges faced by business professionals working in an unfamiliar culture.

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