Manhattan English Workshop for Professionals

Most English language instruction programs understandably focus on teaching their students how to become proficient speakers of standard English. Though such programs can be of immense benefit to their students, what's often lost in traditional language study is the complexity and subtlety of verbal expression. Professional interaction in the business world is filled with slang and colloquial sayings, which are not typically covered in standard English courses. The Manhattan English Workshop for Business Professionals features a unique type of language instruction that focuses on common business expressions as well as other important issues, such as accent reduction and presentation skills. Manhattan English offers you business-oriented language teaching that will take your English abilities and your career to the next level.

The following anecdote will illustrate the necessity of learning colloquial expressions used in business. Many years ago, an American general was addressing a group of Japanese businessmen through a translator. The general concluded his talk by saying "I'm from Missouri – show me." His Japanese translator didn't have the slightest idea what he meant (that Missouri is the "show-me state" is not common knowledge in Asian countries, and this obviously didn't occur to the general). The translator deftly dealt with the situation by telling the audience "the general has made some sort of joke, and if you don't laugh, I'll be in big trouble." The audience cracked up, leading the general to believe that his "joke" was well received.

Now imagine that you are the translator, and the general is your boss referring to some big project with an unfamiliar phrase. Without knowledge of business slang, both of your options in this situation would be unfavorable – you can either admit that you don't know what your boss is saying, or you can start tackling the project with incomplete information and risk doing poor work. With Manhattan English's workshop, you'll become a better communicator who is prepared to face a wider variety of situations in your business career. You'll learn how to choose just the right expressions for whatever tasks you are facing and understand all of the subtleties that your colleagues and supervisors are trying to communicate.

Manhattan English's Workshop for Business Professionals begins with warm-up exercises and review of English conventions that are important for business discourse. Our instructors then cover idiomatic sayings that have broad general relevance to the culture of English-speaking countries, such as "straight from the horse's mouth" (coming from an original source) and "build a better mousetrap" (an improved solution to a problem).

Manhattan English instructors next move on to adjectives, verbs, adverbs, phrases, and sentences that concisely describe complex ideas. A "white lie," for example, is a falsehood that has a benevolent purpose, and being "thrifty" means to minimize expenses as much as possible. You'll learn to become highly efficient with your communication, which will make you a more valuable and respected member of your company's team of professionals.

Manhattan English's workshop then covers slang expressions and idioms that are specific to the workplace. With improved knowledge of the colloquial English used in business, you'll have a strong chance of moving up from a "working stiff" (an employee who does not hold a great deal of responsibility at an organization) to a "big wig" (an upper-level manager and decision-maker). You'll be able to truly "pull your own weight" (do your fair share of work) and "wear several different hats" (tackle a variety of distinct tasks). Your employers will see that you are "head and shoulders above the competition" (in possession of qualifications that are clearly superior to others), and you will be much more likely to get "bumped up" (promoted).

Students who enroll in Manhattan English's Workshop for Business Professionals will also receive instruction on how to improve presentation skills. We've developed a series of exercises that imitate the most important encounters in business, such as interviews, business travel, and meetings with prospective clients (both in-person and remote). You'll learn how to express and present yourself in a friendly yet assertive manner, and you'll exude the confidence that makes people want to listen to what you have to say. We'll teach you how to combine enhanced language presentation skills (including tone of voice, word emphasis, and rhythm) with improved body language (posture, demeanor, and general appearance) to make a positive impression on everyone you meet.

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