Manhattan English Coaching: Individualized Help for busy Professionals

For business professionals working outside of their countries of origin, assimilation into corporate culture can often take many years. It is no easy task to learn a new country's large set of colloquial sayings, work-related expressions, and professional behaviors, but employees who lack this cultural capital can stand out in unfavorable ways. Manhattan English, a language instruction firm that focuses on business communication, can help greatly abbreviate the process of acculturation for international businessmen and businesswomen. Our company was founded to help international business professionals become fully integrated into the culture of firms in the English-speaking world. At Manhattan English, we teach our students how to use and comprehend a wide variety of business slang expressions, how to present themselves more professionally, how to reduce foreign accents, and how to develop several other skills that promote both teamwork and leadership.

Manhattan English is the industry's most effective provider of colloquial language instruction oriented toward the business world. One of our available learning options is individual language coaching, which includes one-on-one sessions with a highly qualified tutor. Our private teaching is customized to the specific needs of each client, and learning therefore proceeds at a rapid pace without sacrificing rigor. Meeting times and locations for tutoring sessions are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of business professionals. Manhattan English tutors are drawn from the ranks of professional educators and businesspeople. Our language teachers hold degrees from top universities, have a great deal of experience with language instruction, and understand the complexities of the modern business world.

Manhattan English's individual coaching takes place within a coherent and well-developed structure. We begin the learning process by assessing the language skills of each student, which allows the development of unique learning plans. Our tutors then review the appropriate English language standards and conventions, especially those that relate to business communication. After these two steps have been completed, the student is ready to move on to the main content of the tutoring program.

Businesspeople from other countries must be familiar with common English idioms in order to function at the highest level with their companies. If a colleague told you that he or she had an "ace in the hole," would you know what this meant? How about if you were asked to "carry the ball" on a project? If someone classified your inquiry into a certain matter as a "fishing expedition," would you know if this is good or bad? With Manhattan English's instruction, you'll become familiar with the exact meaning of these types of sayings.

It is just as important to learn the slang expressions that are used every day in the business world. If you don't know what a "hatchet man" is, you won't understand that you should stay on this person's good side. If a client asks you what you "bring to the table," you must understand that he or she is inquiring about what you have to offer in negotiations. "Giving away the farm" and "getting the raw end of a deal" are two things that you will definitely want to avoid, or someone might end up "having you over a barrel." These sorts of sayings are so ubiquitous in the business world that your supervisors and co-workers will assume you understand what they mean.

Manhattan English clients also come to realize that how they say something and how they present themselves are just as important as what they say, if not more so. Our instruction therefore includes through coverage of language and presentation skills such as accent reduction, tone of voice, linguistic rhythm, word emphasis, and body language. Our exercises focus on the development of these skills in common business contexts, such as sales pitches, job interviews, meetings with colleagues or clients, and employee evaluations.

A recent article in Forbes magazine ranked the ten skills that employers most seek in new employees. Listed in order of importance, the "ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside the organization" was number four (behind only the "ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work," the "ability to make decisions and solve problems," and the "ability to work in a team"). Companies clearly value people who are effective communicators, and strong verbal skills are eminently helpful to almost any business career. Manhattan English's individual coaching will help you learn the skills that aren't covered in most language instruction programs, which will help you become a much more competitive business professional.

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